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It is often said by many, that there are only two guarantees in life; death and taxes. When it comes to search engine optimization two things are also guaranteed; there will always be people who think they know what they are doing, but they don’t. And there will always be a need for SEO all the time there are search engines.Excite search engine image

I have personally been involved in SEO for over 20 years now (got involved back in 1997 when Excite was the number 1 engine). And in that time I can genuinely say that I have come across a myriad of individuals each year, who all call themselves experts, consultants, and all other terms, to identify themselves as people in the know. But the truth is, they know nothing.  What they have done is they have read some blog, bought a course, and because most businesses have no clue what SEO is, business owners, get blinded by these so-called ‘know it alls’, who spew out garbage and cause more damage to a businesses website than they do good.

And that brings me to the second guarantee, and that is you will always need SEO all the time there are search engines. So business owners know they need SEO services, and these charlatans know that too. So businesses get caught in this ever decreasing circle of being burned by those who have no idea what they are doing, but they make a fast buck in convincing people they have what you need.

If you are a business owner, a marketing manager, or responsible in some way for a business website, I’m going to tell you a straightforward and clear point that will save you a fortune in both money and time. It will prevent you from having to deal with those so-called experts who dupe you with ‘tech’ or ‘geek’ speak to make themselves sound good.

Never deal with anyone who claims to know SEO, unless they can give you the name of at least three highly loyal and long term clients.

Ask them to provide you will the names of business owners or marketing managers of companies they have worked with for a while. Not historically, because if they are no longer being hired to carry out SEO, something went wrong, I guarantee it. You see, SEO is an ongoing process and a business who wants their website to continue producing quality results, knows that they have to have search engine optimisation on an ongoing basis. As soon as they stop, their competition will come along and overtake them. So if they are no longer hiring the guy or company who approached you, something went wrong!

High Powered SEO is all about results on an ongoing basis. Google often update their algorithm and make changes to what they want to see on a website or backlinking to a website, to enable it to perform well within the search engine results. Those ‘SEO’ers’ who know what they are doing, are up to date with what Google et al. want to see. They don’t use outdated methods to carry out SEO. They use high powered methods that get impressive and lasting results. So by speaking to their clients, clients who are glad they will never leave their SEO provider, you know in an instant whether or not you are dealing with someone who knows nothing or someone who will get you results.